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Få hjälp med enklare hushållssysslor som barnpassning, läxhjälp och trädgårdshjälp. Lokalt, flexibelt och tryggt via Yepstr-appen.
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Sweden's largest platform for typical teenage jobs

Yepstr is an app where families can buy services from teenagers across the street. We have created this because we know it’s just as hard to find a job as a teenager - as it is to find help as an adult. Today, we have helped thousands of teenagers get their first job as a babysitter, tutor, dog minder or gardener.

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Why thousands of people use Yepstr to solve the daily struggle


All teenagers are employed, have verified their identity with BankID and completed a background check. In addition, insurance through IF (covering 10 million SEK) is included.


Find you perfect household helper that lives in your neighborhood.

Personal match

Our matching process is tailored after your needs and you can choose who you take help from.


No annoying processes with middle mans, with our app you are in control.

Solve the daily struggle with Yepstr

Download the Yepstr app and get matched with talented babysitters, gardeners or tutoris today.

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4 common questions about Yepstr

✅ How does it work?

It's very simple: 1) Download the app on App store or Google Play. 2) Create a profile. 3) Get help.

💪 What can I get help with?

The most common is babysitting, tutoring or dog minding. But you can get help with just about everything, as long as it's simple and safe. Like babysitting, tidy up in the garden or painting a fence.

💰 What does it cost?

The average hourly price is 120 kr/h after RUT on average. The price depends on factors like the teenagers age, level, type of task, and whether the job qualifies for RUT deduction. Yepstr suggests an hourly rate, but you and the teenager can agree on a different hourly rate.

📑 Hur fungerar det med RUT?

RUT deductions are automatically handled in the app. Services that qualify for RUT deductions are babysitting and gardening.