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Why thousands of teenagers work through Yepstr

Fair pay and no wait time

Hourly rates start at 91 SEK, and we assist you in increasing your salary through our level system. Your salary is paid out directly after you have worked, taxed, and ready.

Level system

Through our level system, we turn work into a game where as you level up, you increase your salary and gain access to other benefits.

Safe and Secure:

All users are verified with BankID, and you are insured, both to and from the workplace.
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Safe, simple and fair

Looking for a part-time job during school holidays or aiming to build your resume?

With the Yepstr app, you choose your job. Work when you want and select tasks you find enjoyable. After a few gigs, you'll unlock more levels that grant you access to more and better-paid jobs. It's easier than you think.

We've made every effort to ensure Yepstr is safe, simple, and fair for those who want to work extra.

That's why all our users must register with BankID. You get a fair hourly wage, in line with union recommendations for summer jobs. After all, hard work should pay off!

Remember! You need to be between 15-24 years old to work through Yepstr.

Your part-time job is closer than you think!

Yes, your part-time job could even be right down the street! As a first task with Yepstr, those aged 15-24 have the opportunity to distribute flyers with their name and available times to work. This is an excellent chance to let your neighbours know that help is nearby when they need it.

You can also earn money by referring new customers! For every new customer who makes their first payment using your personal code, you'll receive a kick-back.

But success in a part-time job doesn't come for free; it requires commitment and patience. Just like in the "regular" working world, a friendly professional tone is always appreciated, and cancelling a job in time if you can't perform it is essential. Don't be afraid to be yourself in interviews – it gives the best picture of you and makes a good impression on the customer.

Tonårstjej sitter på en bänk och kollar in i kameran

How you find an extra job through Yepstr


Explore jobs in your area

Swipe between local jobs and apply to the ones that suit you.


Perform the job

You are always insured when you work through Yepstr and our team is always there if you have any questions


Get paid

After the job is done, you report time and the customer pays through the app. Yepstr will pay out your salary immediately after.

Två tonårstjejer går hem från skolan

Work part-time, earn money, and level up

On Yepstr, as a teenager, you can search for part-time jobs that you find fun - as many as you want and can handle. All teenagers working through Yepstr are employed by us. This means a higher base wage for you because we pay out a 12% holiday pay on each salary. We also handle taxes and social security contributions, and you receive a taxed and ready-to-use salary immediately after we receive the customers payment.

All the wages listed on Yepstr are recommended wages and are intended as a minimum wage for you as a teenager. Of course, you can always negotiate a higher wage with your customer before a job. When you level up, your recommended hourly wage increases automatically. Your hourly wage starts at 91 SEK/hour.

Explore jobs in your area

Download the app and explore the jobs in your area today

Person utforskar jobb på Yepstr-appen

Frequently asked questions

💪 How do I start working through Yepstr?

Download our app available on Google Play & App Store. Create your account and fill in all the details, after verification is complete you can start applying for available jobs.

💰 When will I receive my salary?

After completing a task, report your hours in the app, then your customer will be able to pay. You receive your salary a few minutes after we have received the payment.

🤧 What should I do if I get sick?

Make sure to inform the customer in time if you are sick and suggest a new time for the task if possible so you can complete the job as soon as you are well again.

📞 How can I contact Yepstr?

The easiest way is by emailing us at You can also call us during office hours 09:00-17:00 at number 08-515-190-00.

Choose the jobs that suits you

What work do you find the most fun? A couple of hours gardening or an hour of tutoring? You decide which jobs you want to take and how many. Yepstr is here to support if you have questions about a task, or if you simply want some tips and guidance when you take on your first few jobs.

Always insured

Accidents are unpredictable, so to keep you safe, an accident insurance is included for you every time you perform a job and even to and from the job.

Report time directly in the app

How do you get paid for your job? Simply report your hours in the app after you've completed a job. You can even see your earnings before the salary is paid out. You get your pay, taxed and ready, directly deposited into your account after the payment is made by the customer. It's that simple!

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