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Why thousands of families choose a tutor through Yepstr

Find a tutor in your neighborhood

We have over 20,000+ tutors all over Sweden and we always match you with a tutor in your area.

Flexible to your needs

We help you find a tutor, how often or seldom you need help is completely up to you. Get help regularly every week or just some time when needed.

Safe and secure

We know who our tutors are - all are verified with BankID and background checked. Moreover, accident insurance is always included.

Support in school with tutoring through Yepstr

Does your child need help studying for national tests, memorizing vocabulary, or preparing for exams? With tutoring via Yepstr, the high hourly costs and binding packages are just a distant memory. Instead, you can ensure that your child gets the help they need when they need it.

We understand that it can be difficult to manage everything in a hectic everyday life, and maybe it's been a while since you reviewed middle school math? We get it. That's why at Yepstr, you'll find thousands of talented young people who are eager to assist with schoolwork, and who also live in your area!

With tutoring via Yepstr, your child gets more than just support in school, but also a chance to improve self-confidence and self-esteem. A successful collaboration often leads to a young person who supports and encourages, becoming a role model and friend for life.

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Flicka hjälper en annan flicka med läxor

Tutoring 240 kr/h on average

Tutoring can be expensive with high monthly costs, fixed packages, and hefty hourly rates. At Yepstr, we are more flexible. You decide how much you want to spend, and you can always hire a tutor by the hour. The hourly rate for tutoring is on average 240 kr/h, depending on the age and level of the tutor.

We strive to remain wallet-friendly and reasonable, even compared to the major tutoring agencies, without sacrificing quality. Yepstr exists to create as many youth jobs as possible, and our young people are always our top priority. Therefore, you cannot bargain for the price below the recommended level, but you can negotiate a lower price if you book multiple hours. A monthly discount is always available on Yepstr. You pay for the hours you use. This way we guarantee all young tutors a fair wage, completely in line with union recommendations.

Whatever age or previous tutoring experience you wish the tutor to have, you decide, and compensation will be agreed upon mutually.

Safe & Secure with BankID

We understand that it might feel a bit uneasy to let someone you don't know into your home. And we get that you would prefer to have had the time and knowledge to help your child with schoolwork yourself. But with Yepstr, you don't have to worry. We're here so that you don't have to do everything yourself.

Everyone who is registered in our app identifies themselves with BankID, just like you. This way, we can keep track and verify all our users. Safe, secure, and simple.

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Verification with BankID

We know who our users are. All users on Yepstr are verified in three dimensions, including BankID.
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Insured with IF

Always insured. Accident, property, and liability insurance are included when you book and pay via Yepstr.

Background checks

On Yepstr, everyone must give their consent and pass ongoing checks where no criminal records are allowed.

What others say about Yepstr

How tutoring through Yepstr works

Get started in just a few minutes. Download the app for free, fill in your needs and post your search. We'll match you with verified tutors in your area and book them for a free-of-charge interview. Once your tutor is found, you can easily chat, book, and pay according to your preferences without any obligation or time requirement per booking.


Download the app

Download the app for free and publish your search.


Get matched within 24 hours

Get matched with a tutor in your area and book a free interview.


Pay safely and easily

Pay easily, legally and insured through the app.

Meet some of our tutors

Zakarias, 17 years old

"In school, I'm interested in many subjects, but mathematics and natural sciences are probably my best ones."
Läxhjälpare Anton

Anton, 20 years old

"Here at Yepstr, I primarily offer help with mathematics and physics."
Läxhjälpare Agnes

Agnes, 17 years old

"I'm in my final year at Bernadottegymnasiet. In my free time, I like to read and work out."
Läxhjälpare Daniel

Daniel, 21 years old

"I am motivated to work and strongly driven. Graduated with 337.5 points in upper secondary school. Now studying industrial economics at KTH."
Läxhjälpare Smilla

Smilla, 17 years old

"I'm seeking extra work alongside my studies, and if you choose me, you get a cheerful and willing girl."
Läxhjälpare Lisa

Lisa, 21 years old

"I love math and English as well as meeting new people and helping others!"
Läxhjälpare Alice

Alice, 19 years old

"I'm a lively 19-year-old girl who just graduated from high school. I've worked as a theater teacher for children aged 3-7."
Läxhjälpare Simon

Simon, 19 years old

"My name is Simon. I have previously worked, among other things, as a football coach, babysat, and tutored."

View tutors in your neighbourhood. Download the app today!

Free interviews

From the start, it is you and the young person who handle all contact. You also choose who you want to help you. In our app, you have direct access to the profiles of the young people and can easily choose the person you believe would be the best tutor for your child. Once you find the best candidate, you can contact them by sending a message through their profile.

You decide how you want to initiate your partnership, but we recommend that you start by booking a cost-free interview. This usually feels right for both the young tutor and the family to meet in a relaxed way and have the opportunity to introduce themselves to each other before the job begins. All this is to ensure that both parties feel as comfortable as possible at the start.

Good topics to discuss during the first meeting could be what your expectations are, how you are thinking about scheduling times, and payment. Usually, it’s common to meet at the family's home, and it’s a good idea to also let the child be present, so that child and youth get the chance to build a trusting relationship. The first meeting is always free of charge.

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Find a tutor today

We think it should be really easy to get help. That's why we've made everything very simple. To get started, you just need to download the Yepstr app, register with BankID, and create a profile with a profile picture! Once you've done that, you'll see all the skilled youths available in your area, and you can easily favorite the ones you feel are particularly good.

In the profile list of candidates near you, you'll see their names, ages, profile pictures, how far they live from you, and how many previous assignments they've had. You can also view the part of their recommended hourly rate and read reviews from their previous assignments. All this so that you can feel as safe as possible.

It is then up to you to decide who you want to contact, which you can do quickly and easily through the candidate's profile. Remember that it's important that you fill in a presentation before contact is made. It's essential that the young person can feel safe with you. We recommend that you book a free first meeting, and then you're ready to start the tutoring sessions. Welcome to Yepstr — it's no more difficult than that!

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Book a tutor today

Download the app through App store or Google Play and get matched with verified tutors in your neighbourhood
Tre av Yepstrs kundtjänstpersonal. Michelle, Odette och Filip.
Questions or need help with getting started?
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Tutoring at Yepstr

At Yepstr, one can receive study help with almost anything. There are plenty of knowledgeable young people who can assist with everything from the usual subjects like math, Swedish, or English, to social sciences or modern languages. Spanish, French, or German can be particularly challenging subjects, and if you’re not fluent yourself, it can feel overwhelming to try and help your children with these.

If traditional tutoring doesn’t fit into your schedule, Yepstr is perfect for you! Our tutoring is also available online, which is super convenient for squeezing in a study session during a busy day. With us, you can book cost-free interviews to find a tutor that best suits your needs, already today! Quick and smooth.

Flicka får hjälp med läxor

Common questions about tutoring

😊 How do I hire a tutor?

Through the Yepstr app, you quickly get in touch with skilled students in your area. Based on a personal description, grades, and past reviews, you can choose a person that fits your needs!

💰 What does it cost to get help with tutoring?

The hourly price for tutoring is on average 240 SEK/hour. The price depends on the age and experience. Yepstr recommends an hourly rate but you and the young person can agree on your own rate.

📝 What should I keep in mind when booking a tutor?

Make sure that your child is on board and wants the tutoring, then everything will be easier! Book a trial session so that you get a feel for how it works. Many of our tutors have become role models, or even mentors, for the younger students.

📚 Which subjects can I get help with?

At Yepstr, there are young people aged 15-24 who can help younger students with everything from math, English, history, and Swedish.

Choose your own arrangement

Two hours of tutoring every Wednesday, intensive study before national exams, or help with a math homework? We understand that needs can vary. That's why we let you decide your own arrangement, and we focus on establishing good contact and coming to an agreement on a fair rate. You are entirely flexible to book sessions when and how often you wish, without being tied to a fixed weekly plan. It should be that simple!

Insurance included

So that no one needs to worry unnecessarily, accident insurance is always included in all our assignments. Moreover, we have ensured that all our young people are insured both to and from, and during their work shifts.

Pay directly in the app

Is it as easy with payment as with everything else? Yep! You pay quickly and easily in the app with swish or card, and the money is paid out to the account that the young person has registered.

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