Yepstr pricing

The hourly rate depends on the experience and age of the teenager. In some cases, our teenagers actually earn more than you pay! This is because we want to support and contribute to giving our younger, less experienced youths a chance to show what they're capable of.

Always included

Free interviews

You can always meet the teenagers before making a choice, and it's of course completely free of charge


Accident, property, and liability insurance are always included when you book and pay via Yepstr.


Yepstr is the employer. We handle the RUT deduction, employment taxes, pension, and holiday pay for our young professionals.

Get a discount with monthly top-ups

By topping up your Yepstr wallet monthly you can get up to 27% discount on the hourly price
500 kr/m
Perfect for 3-6 hours per month
10% discount on all services
1 000 kr/m
Perfect for 7-15 hours per month*
20% discount on all services
2 000 kr/m
Perfect for 16+ hours per month
27% discount on all services