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Services you can book on Yepstr

Event help

Get help with weddings, birthday parties, graduation, baptisms, Christmas buffets, and more.

Painting and carpentry

Painting fences, assembling furniture, cleaning windows, wallpapering, and more.

Sports and Music

Book a guitar teacher, soccer coach, or something else for yourself or your child.


Network issues or is the computer broken? Book a tech-savvy youth on Yepstr today.

Shopping Assistance

Don't have time to shop? Book a young person who can help you buy everything important.


You can get help with most things on Yepstr. Download the app today and get started right away.

Why thousands of people use Yepstr for simple household tasks


An average of 120 SEK/hour after RUT while ensuring that the person helping you gets a fair wage.

Quick and simple

Simply describe your needs and book an available young person in your area within 24 hours.

Safe and secure

Have peace of mind knowing that all users are verified with BankID and pass a criminal records check.

Simple, safe and fair

Get help to an average hourly price of 120 SEK after RUT while ensuring that the person helping you gets a fair wage. Payments are made, simple and secure, through the app. You can get help with most things on Yepstr, as long as they are safe and fit for a young professional.

Tonårskille skakar hand med medelålders man i en trädgård

Always safe and fair

Verification with BankID

We know who our users are. All users on Yepstr are verified in three dimensions, including BankID.

Insured with IF

Accident, property, and liability insurance are always included when you book and pay via Yepstr.

We handle the taxes

Yepstr is the employer. We handle RUT deductions, employer contributions, pension and vacation compensation for our youth

What our customers are saying

How it works

Getting help through Yepstr is simple and fast! Download the app, explain what you need help with and publish. Within 24 hours we will match you with a local young professional. You can agree on the details through the chat and book the job. Payment is made through the app with Swish or card after the job is done.


Download the app

Download the app for free and publish your search


Get help within 24 hours

We match you with a local young professional and you agree on the details of the job


Pay safely through the app

After the job is done you pay through the app

Some of our young professionals

Yepstr arbetare Selma

Selma 17 years old

"If you hire me, you get a flexible and effective girl who is good at taking her own initiatives!"
Yepstr arbetare David

David 20 years old

"I have leadership experience from, among other things, summer camps and have been a guide with the company TUI."
Yepstr arbetare Daniel

Daniel 19 years old

"At Yepstr, I have worked with tutoring and gardening. I always give my all when I work."
Yepstr arbetare Joar

Joar 18 years

"I have a talent for problem-solving, I can do all jobs but prefer technical or physical work."
Yepstr arbetare Luwanding

Luwanding 17 years old

"I am an ambitious 17-year-old girl looking for work to earn a little extra money."
Yepstr arbetare Tobias

Tobias 17 years old

"I have experience in hotel and other small businesses. I take great responsibility for the tasks I am assigned."
Yepstr arbetare Robel

Robel 21 years old

"I am enthusiastic, happy, and open to everything. I want to quickly gain experience of the Swedish work-life."
Yepstr arbetare Thyra

Thyra 17 years

"If you hire me, you get a positive, creative, and ambitious girl who give 100% to everything I do."
3 ungdomar som jobbar på Yepstr håller i flyttlådor och ler mot kameran

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